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Frequently Asked Questions

We adopt an individual approach tailored to each person’s and family’s own unique needs.
We do this by using an approach and process of Shared Decision Making aiming to provide care patients need and want.
Shared Decision Making is at the heart of patient centred care which is a two-way process wherein the patient and Dr Cameron share information and the responsibility for decision making with support from Dr Cameron.
We work together to share information about options aiming to reach mutual agreement on the best course of action. Sometimes the best course of action may be to monitor a situation over time and tailor commencing treatment to the optimal age for each person.
Shared decision making involves a number of steps that we walk through with you, firstly to identify any problems or concerns, present the pros or cons of any options, clarify what your preferences, present the best available evidence and make recommendations, and clarify your understanding.
Before making a decision we like you to have the time to reflect on the initial consultation, and a follow-up appointment is made to make a decision to either start treatment or to defer till another review period tailored to suit individual growth needs.

No referral is required. We encourage regular dental visits to your dentist. The primary goal is maintaining oral health.